Edition 2018

Conversations in Singapore History returns for its third edition in 2018. We seek to create a space for colleagues to share original work and contribute to the building of a community of knowledge in Singapore history. To this end we’d like to announce an open call for research papers and artistic projects that explore any facet of Singapore and/or its place in regional and global contexts. These papers and projects will be presented at King’s College London on 10 & 11 March 2018, as part of a weekend symposium that will be part participatory discussion and part academic conference.

This year we explore the theme of histories of marginality in Singapore. What does marginality mean in a nation-state saturated with narratives of progress and success? How may marginality be represented, and how do our own positions influence these representations? On what basis do we speak to, about and with someone who has experienced marginality? How does our own marginality come into account? Who participates in the politics of inclusion and exclusion that constructs marginality? What are the technologies of marginalisation? Finally, what should the role of history and historical discourse be in engaging questions of marginality?

Our full programme for this year can be found here: CisH2018-Programme-Outline