Who can present a paper? 

Absolutely anyone whose current research approaches Singapore’s history (or Singapore’s place in regional and world history) in an insightful and creative way. We are not restricting participation to students of any level – in fact, Undergraduate and Masters-level papers are actively encouraged. You do not have to be from Singapore.

How long will I get to present? 

Each speaker on the panel will have 15 minutes to present her paper, followed by 30 minutes of moderated discussion involving the audience and other members of the panel.

Will I need to write out my presentation in advance? 

Whatever helps you deliver your paper in a clear, concise way within the stipulated 15 minutes. The use of visual aids (e.g. Powerpoint slides) is encouraged but not essential.

Will participation in this seminar constitute publication? 

Depending on the papers submitted, the organizers may propose some form of online or physical publication after the seminar. However, the seminar itself does not constitute official publication, and participants are free to pursue other publication channels at the same time.

Will transport to/from the venue be provided? 

Unfortunately, the seminar is unable to provide the above – however, if you face serious logistical issues, please get in touch at conversationssghistory@gmail.com and let us know. Participants are advised to make travel and accommodation arrangements as far in advance as possible.

Feel free to email us at conversationssghistory@gmail.com if you have other questions.